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Security Benefits and Features

CISI Emergency Travel Assistance


24/7 phone access to trained security specialists and advisors. They are available to provide advice for your safety- or security-related concerns. Discuss security events, their implications and other security issues directly with regional and subject matter specialists. Phone dialog gives you immediate advice and support from a multi-disciplinary team with unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Tailored Advisory

Personalized security reports – advice specific to your itinerary and risk profile sent within 24 hours of an inquiry being made. Written and compiled by our regional analysts and security experts, these briefings take into account key factors in assessing the threats posed to an individual traveler.

Security Evacuation Response Service

An on-the-ground physical response to assist a member if found to be in a life-threatening security situation, anywhere in the world. This may include, but is not limited to: a terrorist incident, a natural disaster or a serious, crime-related incident.

Online Security Information and Advice

We offer a secure, web-based system for tracking global threats and receiving location-based risk intelligence including: Up-to-the-minute travel alerts covering political instability, civil unrest, disease outbreaks, crime patterns and terrorism news from around the world; real-time, country-specific trip briefs for intended travel destinations, including any safety and security issues for that city, region or country; helpful security tips; plus any security precautions that should be adopted to avoid those risks.

We also provide country-specific health information including trip preparation advice and recommended medical facilities around the world and access to U.S. State Department travel warnings and Daily Intelligence Briefs, a daily in-depth analysis of global events that provides program managers with additional perspective on organizational impact.

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