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Telehealth Services

Remote Healthcare Access

CISI is proud to offer Telehealth services, through our 24/7 assistance partners, for our insureds traveling outside their home country. 

What is Telehealth? 

CISI Telehealth delivers essential remote healthcare access right to your fingertips. Our services provide a convenient option for the diagnosis and treatment of minor non-emergency ailments.  These services feature:

  • Phone advisors to help determine if a remote or in-person medical appointment is appropriate
  • 24/7 remote access to US licensed doctors
  • Availability in over 75 countries (including the US)
  • Appointments available in multiple languages (including English)
  • Easy-to-use digital appointment and scheduling platform (via mobile app or web).

Healthcare Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

Insured participants receive seamless access to remote healthcare assistance and treatment, allowing them to:

  • Seek advice and guidance on many non-emergency health concerns
  • Choose their own physician and appointment time
  • Be prescribed medication remotely (where applicable/legal)
  • Avoid “out-of-pocket” costs as bills are sent directly to CISI
  • Identify and treat health issues when small and manageable
  • Stay on track with studies and travel!

How it Works 

To access CISI’s Telehealth services, the insured would simply call the 24/7 Team Assist phone number found on their CISI medical ID card and coverage brochure. Please note that similar remote services for mental health related concerns are available through CISI’s Remote Behavioral Health services.

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